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This is Hazuki's tumblr. I'm a 20 something year old, otome game fan. ^^;
Yes...I'll be posting things here about otome games or just random things that I like.
Besides this tumblr i have a Live Journal called Peaceful Grace. It's currently full of my tweets.
My twitter is @daisypeony
I also have a wordpress called Reaching Towards You.
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[Free! ES Radio CD 1 Summary by damenin]:

”- someone sends an e-mail about Free! ES 03 where Nagisa stops Rei from leaving at Haru’s house and the sender says she was excited because it only looked to her as a girlfriend telling her boyfriend in a sweet atmosphere “No, I don’t wanna break up!”. Nobunaga reads that in a falsetto voice and Hirarin makes him say it again. He does and is given the OK and Wing and Hirarin say it was cute. 
Tsubasa says he did think he looks like a girlfriend when he watched the anime on TV but at the recording he didn’t think anything because he was acting Nagisa and tried to express his feelings. He saw it after and thought they do look like a couple and Nagi’s even grabing his sleeve.
And Nobunaga concludes it saying they got close enough so they naturally look like a couple. [Iwachan ES Radio CD 1 ~03:20]”


『Photograph Journey~Koisuru ryokou ・Aichi& Kyoto~』
Kujou Shizuki ・CG + scenario

Kujou-kun and me are walking side by side.
(Put the weight… on the inner side of the toe……)
When we slowly pass a store, I accidentally notice our reflection in the glass.  
It seems that in some way Kujou-kun and me blend perfectly with the city with these kimono on.
(It feels so different from western clothes……)
Through I’ve been ashamed of my pitiful self just a moment ago, now I’m starting to feel really happy.
(……I guess I’ve finally get used to walking……)
「Kujou-kun, you surprised me a bit by……presenting this kimono, but……thank you」
After I’ve thanked him again, Kujou-kun makes only a short reply, keeping on looking straight ahead. 
(Is it just my imagination? Seems like he’s avoiding my eyes today……)
(As I thought, he doesn’t want his significant other to see us walking together like this……does he?) 
With this uneasy feeling, my eyes keep slipping away. 
When I sadly bow my head, something pink comes into sight. 
(Oh, that’s right. I’m wearing a beautiful kimono right now…… and walking with Kujou-kun……)
Joy of wearing the kimono starts growing in my heart and wipes away all the anxiety immediately.


Good morning bloggers!
Woke up with minimal sleep this morning due to a parade of nightmares followed by my housemate’s dog howling into the wee hours of the morning. Spectacular experience.
So made a green, energizing smoothie bowl to get me through the day!
 Using the Vitamix 2 frozen bananas 2 handfuls of frozen spinach 6 sweet green grapes 1/2 of an avocado 4 large organic baby carrots - chopped 1/2 tsp of Organic Burst Wheatgrass 1/2 tsp of Organic Burst chlorella 1 tsp of raw almond butter
Add organic vanilla almond milk Add ice
Blend until smooth
Top off with bananas, raw buckwheat, Sweet coconut flakes, gogi berries, and an almond.


October 2014: a senior maiko of Gion by @henricepeda on Instagram
I love the color coord of her kushi (comb) and kanzashi!


Dreamless dorm, ticking clock