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This is Hazuki's tumblr. I'm a 20 something year old, otome game fan. ^^;
Yes...I'll be posting things here about otome games or just random things that I like.
Besides this tumblr i have a Live Journal called Peaceful Grace. It's currently full of my tweets.
My twitter is @daisypeony
I also have a wordpress called Reaching Towards You.
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Anonymous whispered: No but Chrom being super extra nervous on the day Robin goes into labor, he's freaking out 10 times more than her, and she has to TELL HIM to calm down and breath! "Chrom you seriously need to calm down. You're like 2 seconds from fainting." 



Omg I can see that totally happening


and somewhere, hidden in the palace, there is a Lucina who is like “dad pls”


Someonde told me I had to add this too




I wanted to make a post to show my eternal gratitude to everyone who took their time to give me their well wishes on my birthday because WOW THERE WERE A LOT OF YOU IN MY INBOX! I wish I could answer to them all individually(I’ll try to answer as many as I can!) and work my drawing hand but right now I’m unable to because my hand refuses to stop shaking for some reason LAUGHS.
But I’m sincerely grateful for the wishes and the kindest of words! My heart swelled like 5 sizes yesterday with the kindness shown both visually and written and I cried throughout the day ;A; I love you all :’)
But I do want to make a GIVEAWAY! For all my 1700+ followers!
So here’s the rules:

THIS GIVEAWAY IS ONLY OPEN FOR THE 1,713 FOLLOWERS.  Please don’t follow me just for the giveaway and leave because that’s just rude. I know who’s following me and tumblr lets me check as well.
Reblogs only! I know people will like it over and over to shuffle and have better chances but please let’s be fair and play fair, peeps!
No giveaway blogs! Please, just do not.
Winner will be chosen by RNG! All for the fairness for everyone, so first name that shows up is the winner! Please have your ask box/submit/fanmail open so I can contact you! Winner chosen has 24 hours to respond, if no show, I’ll choose someone else.
Winners will be chosen on October 1st! Where I’ll be crying over the Smash hype, best to mellow down as much as possible and do nice things for you peeps!

But what are the prizes?
Happy you asked! In the last con I went(Otakon), I took part of it’s Artist Alley and sold a lot of the things I made! But I have some left over and it’s not much but I want to give it away as a prize:
First Prize: A double-sided keychain of your characters of choice! I like to call them OTP keychains because well…

These are one side and…
This is the other side! Cute right? I love the looks on everyone’s faces who have bought these keychains from me! The squeaking noises was so adorable! But yeah! These were defaults from the print I did a while back for Otakon. But I’ll do any character of your choice! Trust me with a tablet pen in my hand, the sky is the limit. Then I’ll print them out and send the winner a keychain of their own! Pretty sweet huh? :’D
Second Prize: A postcard size print of their choice! I’ll happily draw one character of your choice and have it quality printed out and sent to you!
Something like….

or This, This or This!
Third Prize: A digital drawing of one character of their choice without a background like…

Again the Giveaway ends on Oct.1st! Thank You and Good Luck!