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it’s incredible how a video game can have so much personal meaning and importance to you

but then when you talk to another person who played it they’re like ‘yeah it was ok’

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Kamigami no Asobi Character Song: Shinkyoku Shu 
Round and Round
by Loki Laevatein (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya)


Katsura Hoshino lost the publisher Shonen Jump square over a dispute of licensing to a foreign distributor… which she didn’t agree with the terms, and Shonen was not willing to find a middle ground. The dispute involved (bad translations, and cutting off some pages which influence the story all for the sake of cost reduction) and many other political, internal and discriminatory issues and problems that just didn’t make her comfortable there any more.. with that, her work team stayed at Shonen since Shonen provided all of the personnel. So she is trying to get a new publisher and recruiting new personnel but this time her own personnel, not provided by a publisher as is the case in Japanese Manga publishing companies. The difficulty with this case is that Shonen owns half the right’s of all the D.Gray Man chapters it has published thus far, and Hoshino sensei the other half. In other words, it’s a legal battle for the sole rights of D.Gray Man between Hoshino and Jump Square. In finding a new publisher the new publisher would have to pay the fee, and rights off to Shonen, which will not be cheap. She cannot make her own publishing because she lacks the funds, and more so with her health condition costs and trying to pay off the rights to buy completely D.Gray Man from Shonen Jump. (This is no different than record companies, a similar case happened to Metallica where they had to buy their own rights to the record company, fortunately they did have the funds) So while she is battling to save her baby from Shonen Jump, getting her health back, recruiting personnel, and trying to find a publisher who would be willing to buy off D.Gray Man, she has to survive and generate income some how as a mangaka, and that implies going to conferences, animecons, and illustrating or releasing short stories and collaborations else where. She is also considering a foreign publisher or even online manga sale in Amazon, Itunes, etc. She is continuing D.Gray Man, she has been and is working on it. Everything that can be done is being worked on hard, and being done, as hard as it can be and as soon as it can be done. Please be patient, and support the Mangaka Hoshino sensei… So her journey back to health is less rough, please support her, BUY** and read her other projects that *leave an income*. So she can get D.Gray Man back, and continue. Please be patient and support (>_<) お願いします!!!. PS:I am an aspiring manga, anime artist, and I am well acquainted and aware of the network and world of this art form. I can also understand, read, write, and speak (not perfectly but almost :P ) Japanese, so from what I have read, heard on news, researched, found out and understood from the situation I shared this so that we can support Hoshino sensei. Please be patient and support (>_<) お願いします!!!. 
(Source from Mangahere *in the comments*)
**EDIT 7/28/13**
**EDIT 3/17/14**
As you all know, DGM has been dropped, not because of the author, but because of SJ not letting her go on with it. Please continue on SUPPORTING THE AUTHOR BY BUYING HER BOOKS. And with that money, she MAY HAVE THE CHANCE TO BUY BACK HALF OF THE COPY RIGHTS TO HER BABY.
I will try my best to keep everyone updated. Thank you.

sarcasticnuunsa whispered: If you're still doing the pallette thing could you do eirika I pallette #23? :D 



Ahhh, I really want to play this game! I have so many games I still want/need to play, but so little time… Maybe next summer if I don’t need to write any papers/take summer classes. @3@

Hope you like it, I had fun drawing her~!

Prompt 66 - Beka's braid is cut off in a fight


Farmer and I patrolled the Night Market when we saw the brawl break out. It was at an drinking den not far from Rosto’s Dancing Dove, where we had just filled the Happy Bag.

“Ten coppers someone disrespected the cove who runs the place.” Farmer said.

I shrugged. “Mayhap.” Brawls generally…