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This is Hazuki's tumblr. I'm a 20 something year old, otome game fan. ^^;
Yes...I'll be posting things here about otome games or just random things that I like.
Besides this tumblr i have a Live Journal called Peaceful Grace. It's currently full of my tweets.
My twitter is @daisypeony
I also have a wordpress called Reaching Towards You.
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Following my last post some hours ago.

I know we kinda abandoned the project for a long long long long long long long time. I don’t know if you guys still looking forward for the release, but here, have a taste of Tier 1 of Drakengard 3 Piano Collection.

Dragonsphere Project - Drakengard 3 Piano Collection Tier 1 Crossfade


1. Thundervalor / Ray of The Brave (Piano Arrange)

2. Tsukiru (Exhausted) ~ REPRISE

3. Prevolt / The Upcoming Battle / Four’s Theme (Piano Cover)

4. Kuroi Uta / The Black Song (Piano Cover)

Drakengard and Drag On Dragoon are property of Square Enix. Drakengard 3 Music produced by MONACA. Drakengard 3 Piano Collection arranged/covered/performed by Dragonsphere Fan Project Music Team.

Gillian Anderson Has a Sci-Fi Novel Coming Out This Fall


You always knew it would happen: Dana Scully wrote a book! 


They say red spider lilies carpet the path between two people who will never meet again.


7のため 難しいポーズに挑戦してみたがどうも(`艸´;)変
あと7日です! その日まで毎日更新するように頑張りますᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ