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This is Hazuki's tumblr. I'm a 20 something year old, otome game fan. ^^;
Yes...I'll be posting things here about otome games or just random things that I like.
Besides this tumblr i have a Live Journal called Peaceful Grace. It's currently full of my tweets.
My twitter is @daisypeony
I also have a wordpress called Reaching Towards You.
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PONPONPON acoustic guitar ver. covered by 向日葵

Artwork by  志麻



“Goddess save me,” she whispered in awe, picking up a feather as long as her forearm, stippled in a pattern of gold and soft black. “This is a griffin feather! And this one, and this … How did you get these?” she asked. “They’re worth a fortune. Everyone knows you hit what you shoot at with griffin fletching.”

“They are sparkly,” Nawat said. “The griffins shed
them. I thought if I brought you a present that was made
of discarded things, no one would punish you for having
Steel glinted through the heap of shimmering griffin feathers. Carefully Aly pushed them aside. At the bottom of the pile she found strips of metal, shaped like bird feathers. She gulped. With a trembling hand she lifted a feather a handspan in length and drew its tip along the corner of the cloth satchel. The corner fell neatly away, as if sliced by a razor. “Stormwing feathers?” she whispered, meeting Nawat’s deep-set gaze. “You’re carrying Stormwing feathers?”

Again that shrug. “They molt,” Nawat replied. “The feathers are shiny. I collected them and washed them,” he added.

- Tamora Pierce- Trickster’s Choice (via fytortall) -